Website Owners

Website Owners Top Features

Makes life easier for website owners they serve. It offers intuitive, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.

Email Accounts

Create quota-based email accounts, access webmail accounts, and create forwarders, autoresponders, and mailing lists


Add, edit, and delete subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects.


Create databases and users for Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Control access hosts for MySQL.


Create and manage FTP accounts.


Update passwords for databases, protected directories, FTP, and email accounts. Specify IP addresses from which you wish to block or allow access. Perfect for development platforms or internal company websites.


View your website’s raw access logs and analytics via the provided Analog and AWSTATS statistics software.

Scripting / Development

Developers enjoy the ability to script in .NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, AJAX, XML, and Silverlight. Plus, you get native support for Visual Studio. Integrate applications with either MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server® 2008.

Quick Access

Enkompass adds a set of easy to remember domain bindings, making it easy for account holders to reach their web interfaces without knowing the IP addresses and ports. The owner of an account can reach the Web Site Owner Interface and manage their web site through the subdomain, Website owner bindings are also created for WSO, WSOI, CPANEL, WEBMAIL, FTP, and
MAIL, and can be accessed in the same way.


Enkompass by cPanel offers your users a flexible, easy-to-use interface that includes a Getting Started Wizard for new users. Users can configure their accounts’ language setting and main contact address, and receive a brief introduction to web hosting.

Using Enkompass Is Easy

In addition to the Getting Started Wizard, users can also find individual configuration preferences in Enkompass’ Preferences section. Your users will have the ability to Update Contact Information, Change the Account’s Password, Change Languages, and Create Shortcuts to their accounts. In addition, resellers can change the style of their interfaces, or create completely new styles in the Branding Editor.

Accurate, Reliable Data

Enkompass’ Logs section lets users review the site’s Raw Access Logs and view informative data gathered and processed by the Analog and AWSTATS statistics program.

Raw Access Logs

Here, your users can download, in a raw text file, information about who has been accessing their websites no matter which webserver their website is served from.

Analog Stats

Using Enkompass, users can access in-depth information about their websites using Analog. Analog is a third-party statistics application. It will generate a wealth of information about who has been accessing a website and translate this information into valuable, accurate charts and graphs.


AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics and a second options for website owners to view detailed website analytics. AWSTATS is another open source project included with Enkompass and has an unique user interface and different displayable options for analytics.

Enkompass Makes File Management Easy

Enkompass comes equipped with easy-to-use tools for file management. In the Files section, your users can access the File Manager to add and move files, create and manage FTP accounts, as well as access disk space usage information. If you allow them, users can also create backups of their accounts.

File Manager

Enkompass’ File Manager makes it easy for new users to add and manage files associated with their websites. It allows users to access and manipulate their files through a web browser in an easy-to-use interface.

FTP Accounts

Enkompass also provides an interface for adding and managing FTP accounts. This interface is searchable, making it easier than ever to manage numerous FTP accounts.

Disk Space Usage

This feature of Enkompass provides an easy-to-read interface where your users can monitor the amount of disk space they are using.

User Backups

Website owners can create backups of their accounts using the User Backups screen. They can also use this interface to restore backups that have already been made, or upload backups from a remote machine.

Domain Management Simplified

Enkompass provides a simple set of interfaces that allow your users to add and manage their own subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects.

The Domain Management Interfaces

Our domain control interfaces remain remarkably similar, for ease of use. This allows new users to learn a single interface, then have the ability to manage multiple domain types. The Enkompass interfaces in the Domains section are searchable, making multiple domain management fast and easy.

Managing Redirects

In addition to the domain management interfaces, Enkompass comes equipped with a simple interface that allows your users to set up redirects among the domains they own.

Safer Hosting Is Better Hosting

Password Protect Directories

Enkompass allows your users to password protect directories in which they would like to store sensitive information. Simply by specifying a directory and a password, your users can make their data safe and secure.

Deny IP/Domain Manager

Enkompass allows your users to block troublesome IP addresses or domains simply by specifying the IP address or domain they wish to block.

Certificate Wizard

Enkompass includes some very handy SSL features for website owners: they can create self-signed certificates. If they prefer to purchase their SSL certificates, they can use Enkompass to create a certificate signing request, then submit the request to their favorite SSL provider.

Power Users Enabled

Enkompass enables more experienced users to configure advanced features using a number of simple interfaces.

MIME Types

Your advanced users can specify new MIME types, which are handlers for additional file extensions.

Error Pages

Using Enkompass, your users are free to create a unique environment for their visitors. They can even create custom error pages for their websites, thanks to this clean, simple interface.

Directory Browsing

Enkompass allows your users to browse their files with ease, even in the absence of Remote Desktop. Using our Directory Browsing feature, they can point and click their way through directories associated with their websites.

Domain Lookup

Enkompass comes equipped with a remarkably simple interface for looking up IP addresses. Simply by entering text in a single field and clicking a button, your users have access to valuable DNS information.

Restart Websites

Enkompass’ Restart Websites feature is extraordinarily easy to use. By clicking a single button, users can restart their websites without disturbing other sites hosted by your server and without needing to submit a support ticket.